Welding rods, that are also referred to as electrodes, are basically the welding materials that will get melted and infused in processes like stick welding. To make use of a welding rod, it will get related to your welding machine which then creates an electrical arc between the bottom metallic. As a result of this electrical arc may be very sizzling, it shortly melts the metallic in order that it may be fused for the welding course of.

Whereas looking at welding rods, you’ll primarily discover two kinds of choices together with consumable and non-consumable welding rods. Out of those two, the consumable ones are used for MIG and stick welding. These welding rods are the extra widespread ones and get used for making up the weld. However, in case you wish to decide TIG welding, then it would almost certainly have a tungsten welding rod that doesn’t soften. As a substitute, this welding rod is simply used for making the electrical arc and the filler materials will get fed manually.

What do the Numbers Imply on a Welding Rod?

Though we now have already mentioned the 2 major kinds of welding rods on the market, you would possibly nonetheless get confused whereas shopping for the correct one in your welding wants. That is because of the cause that you’ll almost certainly discover a number of numbers written in your welding rod. And people of you who’re new to welding machines and their equipment, these will be extremely complicated. Fortunately, these numbers are there that can assist you in selecting the correct sort of welding rod for you.

Taking for example, let’s say that you’re all in favour of getting a 7018 welding rod, then the 2 first digits basically inform you about its tensile power. On this case, the tensile power of this 7018 welding rod could be 70000 PSI tensile power or kilos per sq. inch tensile power. As for the third digit, which is eighteen on this case, tells you in regards to the variety of positions that you need to use whereas utilizing a given welding rod.

Coming to the ultimate digit talked about on a given welding rod, it tells you about the kind of coating that it makes use of. You’ll be able to be taught extra about these in a while on this article. In a number of instances, some welding rods might also have alphabet E at the start which merely tells you that the given welding rod additionally capabilities as an electrode whereas utilizing your welding machine.

Welding Rods and their Varieties

After going via the part defined above, you should now have a reasonably respectable thought about what class of welding rods that you simply want to get. Though, since there are a number of welding rods out there on the market, selecting the correct one can nonetheless be fairly tough. Therefore, listed here are a number of the mostly used welding rods varieties and their traits:

  • 6010: Beginning with the 6010 welding rods, these are probably the most well-liked choices on the market as these are perfect for excessive energy density welds. Such welding rods are typically used for pipes, welding in shipyards, metal storage tanks, water towers, and different functions coping with thick metals. Though, the 6010 sort of welding rods will be solely used with DC welding machines. One other problem is that since they’ve a good arc, dealing with these welding rods varieties is usually a bit tough for newcomers.
  • 6011: In contrast to the 6010 welding rods, 6011 welding rods are nice for utilizing with both AC or DC welding machines as per your wants. However just like the earlier one, you may count on nice penetration from these welding rods which is all the time nice. You should utilize this class of welding rods for thicker metals, painted surfaces, and even greasy surfaces. Nonetheless, if you wish to have a clear end, then the ripples, weld beads, and tough end left by this welding rod is likely to be a letdown for you.
  • 6012: A wonderful thing about 6012 welding rods is that even at excessive currents, you get very much less splatter together with a steady arc for simply welding on each AC in addition to DC welding machines. Nonetheless, in contrast to 6010 and 6011, you can’t use 6012 for thick supplies. 6012 welding rods even have a difficulty of producing loads of waste materials requiring you to wash your welds often. You’ll be able to depend on this welding rod sort for open joints, restore welding, and welding carbon metal even whether it is rusted and corroded.
  • 6013: You can even take into account the 6013 welding rods if you need clear outcomes with minimal splatter. And even with its much less splatter output, it gives reasonable penetration making it viable for lots of functions. A number of the excellent functions for the 6013 welding rod embody welding metallic sheets, ship building and restore, and dealing on metal surfaces and objects which are delicate. Identical to most different welding rods, this one will also be used with both AC or DC currents in line with your necessities.
  • 7018: Out of all the assorted welding rods on the market, the 7018 welding rod is taken into account to be extremely versatile. That is primarily excellent for engaged on carbon metal of low to reasonable high quality. Because the 7018 welding rod has an iron compound coating that comprises a really small quantity of hydrogen, the beads and splatter created from the welding is correctly protected against environmental elements like air and the moisture current in it for a clear weld. Together with this, as 7018 welding rod can be suitable with each AC in addition to DC welders, it’s utilized in factories, bridges, powerhouses, and every kind of different heavy-duty makes use of.
  • 7024: A novel factor in regards to the 7024 welding rod sort is that it has a excessive quantity of iron energy. Due to this, its deposition charge is sort of excessive which may make the welding course of fairly straightforward particularly for newcomers. If your required software requires a clean end, then going with the 7024 welding rod is usually a nice thought.

Comparability Chart for Welding Rods

Though all the most well-liked welding rod varieties have been defined above together with their traits and excellent functions, there’s nonetheless extra that you simply want to bear in mind earlier than shopping for one. Therefore, it’s extremely really useful to undergo the next comparability chart earlier than getting welding rods in your desired software:

Electrode Tensile Power Place Penetration Coating Present
6010 60000 PSI All positions Deep Excessive cellulose sodium DCEP
6011 60000 PSI All positions Deep Excessive cellulose potassium DCEP, AC
6012 60000 PSI All positions Medium Excessive titania sodium DCEP, AC
6013 60000 PSI All positions Shallow Excessive titania potassium DCEP, AC
7018 70000 PSI All positions Shallow to Medium Iron energy low hydrogen DCEP, AC

What’s the Most Widespread Welding Rod Dimension?

Other than the kind of welding rod that you will use alongside along with your welding machine, you must also take into account checking its measurement score earlier than getting one. This measurement merely tells you in regards to the diameter of the welding rods that you’re utilizing. Usually, most welding rods that one can find on the market vary between ⅛ inch to five/32 inch. These of you who’re getting a welding rod of an identical measurement, then try to be simply high quality so long as it’s of the correct sort.

Information to Selecting a Welding Rod

Now that all the main kinds of welding rods out there on the market in addition to their excellent measurement, you should be prepared to choose the correct one. Nonetheless, even if you wish to go together with a sure welding rod sort, you’ll nonetheless discover a number of choices inside that sort. Subsequently, it’s a must to take into account loads earlier than getting welding rods which primarily contains these elements:

Base Steel

To get the very best outcomes out of your welding machine and its welding rod, it’s extremely necessary to match the metallic of your welding rods with the one that you will weld. This ensures that each of them go nice together with one another for a high-strength weld. It’s extremely necessary to examine if you want your welds to final for a very long time.

Steel Look

For checking the kind of base metallic that you’re coping with, you may first examine its look. Whether it is one thing grainy and tough, then it’s extremely doubtless that it’s some type of forged metallic.


You can even examine for magnetism in your base metallic as magnetic supplies embody iron, carbon metal, or alloy metal. Though, if it’s not magnetic, then it is likely to be genuine stainless-steel, brass, copper, aluminum, or one thing related.

Spark Sort

One other method to examine your base metallic will be to run it towards a grinder and examine the sparks provided by it. If there are loads of sparks, then it almost certainly has excessive carbon content material. You might also hit your base metallic with a chisel as that may depart marks on softer metals like aluminum.

Tensile Power

Upon getting decided your base metallic, you should match your welding rod’s tensile power to that of the bottom metallic. If they aren’t the identical, the weld could crack over time.

Welding Present

You must also maintain the welding present supported by your welding rods earlier than getting one. A better welding present like 225 amps for 7018 is best than 125 amps for 6010 usually. The supported present sort out of AC and DC can be necessary to bear in mind earlier than choosing a welding rod for you.


Coming to the tip of this welding rod comparability and clarification article, you should know loads about these welding rods. This contains all their main varieties and why it’s best to decide a sure sort, their measurement, and even an entire information to selecting the best welding rod. Therefore, you should be already utilizing your welding machine together with the proper of welding rods that are perfect for your given sort of utilization. Though, when you’ve got any doubts or something so as to add, make sure that to share your ideas within the feedback part. You can even submit any questions down there when you’ve got any!