On this article, allow us to discover the World of Arduino Modules. There are numerous Arduino Sensors and Modules accessible available in the market, because of the ever-growing DIY and hobbyist neighborhood. To simplify issues, I made a listing of a few of very helpful Arduino Sensors and Modules. Use this checklist as a place to begin to selected the fitting Module on your subsequent Arduino Challenge.

What are Arduino Modules?

In easy phrases, a “Module” within the Arduino surroundings is a prepared to make use of board with a Sensor or an IO gadget on it. To make use of a sensor or a tool (like an LCD), you want few extra parts.

What an Arduino Module does is it integrates all the mandatory parts and connections which might be required for a sensor (or a tool) to work and presents you with a ready-to-use product.

For instance, think about a quite simple but very helpful module: The Infrared Impediment Avoidance Sensor Module. It consists of an Infrared Gentle Supply (an IR LED), an Infrared Receiver (a Picture Diode), an Op-Amp, a Potentiometer, couple of passive parts and a connector.

The module takes care of the “Sensor” aspect of the circuit like present limiting resistors, decoupling capacitors, connections, connectors and many others., and all it’s important to do is make the connections to an Arduino board and make an Impediment Avoidance Robotic.

Two Color LED Module

As the primary Arduino program you’ll write is Blinking an LED, allow us to begin with an LED Module. It is a two-colour LED Module, which, because the title suggests, consists of a 3-pin two color LED.


Two Color LED Module

Pink and Inexperienced is a well-liked two-colour LED. Join them to PWM pins of Arduino to manage the brightness. It’s a must to join present limiting resistors. I really feel like they need to have included the present limiting resistors on the module itself.

RGB LED Module

The subsequent logical step after utilizing a Two-Color LED is to make use of an RGB LED. An RGB LED Module consists of a 4-pin RGB LED, three present limiting resistors and connectors.


RGB LED Module

By connecting the Pink, Inexperienced and Blue LED Pins to PWM pins of Arduino, you possibly can generate a number of colors. Make certain to buy an RGB Module with present limiting resistors. If no, it’s important to add them.

Push Button Module

A momentary push button is likely one of the easiest enter gadgets for Arduino. The Push Button Module consists of a momentary tactile push button and a pull-up (or pull-down) resistor together with the connectors.


Push Button Module

In case the resistor is used as a pull-up, then logic HIGH is detected with button shouldn’t be pressed and logic LOW is detected when button is pressed. Reverse in case of pull-down.

Breadboard Energy Provide Module

If you wish to simply energy the parts in your breadboard, then a Breadboard Energy Provide Module is the fitting selection. It offers twin output voltages: 3.3V and 5V on two completely different energy rails.


Breadboard Energy Provide Module

This module will completely match on to 400-point and 800-point breadboards. The enter vary is 6.5V to 12V. There’s additionally an USB connector, which might output 5V (or settle for 5V enter).

Photoresistor Sensor Module

A Gentle Dependent Resistor (LDR) or a Photoresistor is gadget used to detect gentle. If you wish to detect gentle utilizing an Arduino then use the Photoresistor Sensor Module.


Photoresistor Sensor Module

It consists of an LDR, an Op-Amp (comparator), a potentiometer (to regulate the sensitivity) and a few passive parts. You will get each the analog voltage in addition to the digital sign.

Tilt Sensor Module

If you wish to detect tilt or vibration of an object, then you need to use a Tilt Sensor Module. There are two forms of tilt sensors: one with a rolling ball and one with Mercury.


Tilt Sensor Module

As you possibly can see from the picture, the lean sensor module consists of a tilt swap, an op-amp circuit to provide a digital output.

Reed Swap Module

A Reed Swap is a sensor which is generally open however when within the presence of a magnetic discipline, it closes. You should use a Reed Swap Module to implement a contactless swap management utilizing Arduino.


Reed Swap Module

To supply a digital output, the Reed Swap Module consists of an Op-Amp circuit.

Magnetic Corridor Sensor Module

To detect the presence of a magnetic discipline, it’s important to use a Corridor Impact Sensor. The A3144 Corridor Impact Sensor primarily based Magnetic Corridor Sensor Module can be utilized as a Magnetic Detector Swap.


Magnetic Corridor Sensor Module

It’s accessible as a easy module with solely the Corridor Impact Sensor or as a Digital Output Module with an LM393 Comparator.

Infrared Impediment Avoidance Sensor Module

One other fashionable Arduino Modules is the Infrared Sensor Module. Since it’s typically utilized in Impediment Avoidance kind functions, it’s also often known as Infrared Impediment Avoidance Sensor Module.


Infrared Impediment Avoidance Sensor Module

This module consists of Infrared transmitter – receiver pair (IR LED and Picture Diode) positioned side-by-side to detect obstacles.

PIR Sensor Module

Passive Infrared Sensor or just PIR Sensor lets you detect or sense any movement. A PIR Sensor Module like HC-SR501 is a generally used modules in Arduino Initiatives.


PIR Sensor Module

Utilizing a PIR Sensor Module, you possibly can implement Movement Detection Functions utilizing Arduino.

Rotary Encoder Module

A 360-degree Rotary Encoder Module is an enter gadget which offers each the course of rotation in addition to how a lot it’s rotated. It converts angular motion into digital code.


Rotary Encoder Module

There’s additionally a button beneath the knob. A Rotary Encoder is a place sensor and generates an output (analog or digital) as per the rotational motion.

Velocity Sensor Module

If you wish to detect the pace of a rotating object, then you need to use a Velocity Sensor Module. It’s primarily based on Infrared Transmitter – Receiver pair (however they’re positioned dealing with one another).


Velocity Sensor Module

You may place the rotating object like a motor or a wheel within the slot and the sensor will decide the pace in RPM.

Infrared Flame Detection Sensor Module

The Infrared Flame Detection Sensor Module is used to detect flames within the vary of 760 nm to 1100nm. You may design a hearth / flame detection software utilizing Arduino.


Flame Sensor Module

IR Flame Sensor Module consists of an Infrared Receiver (a phototransistor) and a comparator circuit primarily based on LM393 and produces each digital and analog outputs.

Lively Piezo Buzzer Module

A PCB Mounted Lively Buzzer Module produces a tone at a predefined frequency utilizing its inside oscillator. All it’s worthwhile to do is apply a DC Voltage and the Lively Buzzer Module generates sound.


Lively Buzzer Module

Passive Piezo Buzzer Module

If you wish to management the frequency of the tone from the buzzer, then use a Passive Buzzer Module. The output tone relies on the enter frequency (utilizing a PWM Sign). Normally, tones within the frequency vary of 1.5 kHz to 2.5 kHz might be produced.


Passive Buzzer Module

Microphone Sound Sensor Module

A Microphone primarily based Sound Sensor Module is used to detect voices or loud sounds. Utilizing Arduino and a Microphone Sensor, you possibly can implement functions like Voice Activated Swap or Loudness Detector.


Microphone Sensor Module

NTC Thermistor Temperature Sensor Module

If you wish to implement a small and low solid temperature sensor, then a NTC Thermistor is the fitting selection. The NTC Thermistor Temperature Sensor Module is on the market as Analog Sensor in addition to a Digital Sensor.


Temperature Sensor Module

A Digital Temperature Sensor is beneficial as you possibly can simply alter the sensitivity utilizing the on-board potentiometer.

MQ2 Fuel Sensor Module

Typically utilized in security associated functions, the MQ2 Fuel Sensor Module is used to detect Smoke, Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen and different gases.


MQ2 Fuel Sensor Module

Use this MQ2 Sensor Module to implement Smoke Detection Alarm utilizing Arduino.

HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Module

One other fashionable Modules within the Arduino neighborhood is the HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor Module. Utilizing this sensor, you possibly can detect objects as much as 4m. The module consists of two Ultrasonic transduces of which one is appearing as a transmitter and the opposite as a receiver.


HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor Module

Implement Wall Avoiding Robotic, Digital Ruler, Impediment Avoiding Robotic and different comparable tasks utilizing HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor Module and Arduino.

DHT11 / DHT22 Humidity and Temperature Sensor Modules

Utilizing DHT11 / DHT22 Humidity and Temperature Sensor Modules, you possibly can simply measure the ambient temperature in addition to the relative humidity. Each the Sensors are very comparable besides that DHT22 has higher vary and accuracy than DHT11 (so, expensive as effectively).


DHT11 and DHT22 Humidity Sensor

Twin Axis Joystick Module

A Joystick Module consists of two impartial potentiometer (therefore, twin axis) and likewise a push button. There are numerous functions of a Joystick Module utilizing Arduino like Robotic Management, RC Automotive, Robotic Arm, Servo Motor Management and many others.


Joystick Module

5V Relay Module

Arduino or every other microcontroller platform is a low-voltage gadget (normally 3.3V or 5V). However what if you wish to management AC Mains gadgets utilizing Arduino? The simplest reply is a Relay Module.


5V Relay Module

A 5V Relay Module runs on 5V (identical to an Arduino), so it may be simply interface with Arduino to manage massive home equipment like bulbs, motors and many others. You will get relay modules as 1-channel, 2-channel, 4-channel and many others.

Infrared Receiver Module

TSOP1838 primarily based Infrared Receiver Module is used to detect 38kHz IR Indicators. It’s usually utilized in IR Distant Management Functions utilizing Arduino.


IR Receiver Module

Infrared Transmitter Module

To pair with the IR Receiver Module, you need to use the Infrared Transmitter Module. It consists of an IR LED which might transmit 38 kHz modulating sign. Appropriate for Arduino primarily based IR Distant Management Initiatives.


IR Transmitter Module

Laser Transmitter Module

The Laser Transmitter Module consists of a Laser Diode able to emitting gentle of 650 nm wavelength. The Laser Diode is surrounded by a copper sleeve and likewise fitted with a condenser lens.


Laser Transmitter Module

WARNING: Although it is a low energy laser transmitter module, it is vitally harmful if the laser beam falls straight in your eyes and might trigger everlasting eye harm. Use it with excessive warning.

Knock Sensor Module

A Knock Sensor Module, because the title suggests, is used to detect Knock or a Vibration. The primary sensing factor is a conductive vibrating spring enclosed in a housing.


Knock Sensor Module

Implement Vibration or Faucet Detection functions with Arduino and Knock Sensor.

Soil Moisture Sensor Module

A Soil Moisture Sensor Module consists of capacitive probes and LM393 Voltage Comparator Module. You may measure the volumetric content material of water in soil utilizing this module.


Soil Moisture Sensor Module

Utilizing a Soil Moisture Sensor Module and Arduino, you possibly can implement helpful tasks like Computerized Plant Watering System, Auto Irrigation System and many others.

BMP180 Barometric Stress Sensor Module

The BMP180 is an previous however very helpful sensor. It’s a Barometric Stress Sensor which might additionally measure Temperature and Altitude (primarily based on stress). It’s a tiny module and is a digital sensor.


BMP180 Barometric Stress Sensor Module

MPU6050 Accelerometer / Gyroscope Module

If you wish to detect orientation of an object, then the MPU6050 Accelerometer / Gyroscope Module is your best option. It’s a 6-axis movement monitoring gadget (3-axis Accelerometer and 3-axis Gyroscope).


MPU6050 Acceleremeter Module

Combining Arduino and MPU6050 Module, you possibly can implement Orientation Detection, Gesture Management Functions.

Logic Stage Converter Module

We all know that Arduino is a tool that runs on 5V logic. However what if you wish to interface a sensor or module which runs on 3.3V? The reply is Logic Stage Converter Module.


Logic Stage Converter Module

A easy Bidirectional Logic Stage Converter Module comprise 4-channels of low voltage to excessive voltage (and vice-versa) logic conversion.


This was a short checklist of among the fashionable and simple to make use of Arduino Modules. On no account this checklist is full. There are numerous extra sensors and modules accessible within the Arduino neighborhood and I’ll add extra sooner or later.